A picture of a Rock!

A Rock is the simplest type of Disruption. It cannot be moved by the player and does not make any matches. It can be erased mainly by matches made adjacent to it.

  • An icon adjacent to it that is erased by matching erases it.
  • A Block that is allowed to expire (by remaining on the board for 5 turns) will erase adjacent Rocks.
  • It can be erased through the skills Rock Break (+,++), Rock Shot, and Stabilize (+,++).
  • It can be transformed into another Pokémon icon through the skill Swap (+, ++).
  • It can be transformed into a Coin through the skill Prospector, although this skill is currently unavailable in the game through legitimate means.
  • Pokémon icons that are not one of the player's Support Pokémon can be transformed into a Rock through the skill Rockify.