Pokemon Shuffle Wiki
Description Boosts damage done by combos if foe has any status condition
Notes Due to a bug, only the activation hit has boosted damage. The resulting combo does not have boosted damage.
Trigger Chance 70%/80%/100%
Damage Multiplier x1.2
Skill Levels
Level Damage Multiplier Skill Points
Level 1 x1.2 5
Level 2 x1.44 15
Level 3 x1.56 20
Level 4 x1.8 60
Level 5 x2.04 N/A
Attack Power Innate Skill Swapper
50 Unown (C)
60 Vigoroth SwalotBeartic
70 SerperiorPyroar (Male) Thundurus (Incarnate)Politoed