S, A, B, and C ranks

Ranks are given for each stage upon completion, except certain Special Stages like Competitive Stage and Escalation Battles. Stages in the Expert Stages require a certain number of S-Ranks in the Main Stages to unlock.

  • Ranks given are S, A, B or C
  • No rank is given if the player fails a stage
  • The player's highest rank achieved for each stage appears at the bottom right of the stage icon on the map
  • Each stage has its own rules for determining ranks, but here are some rough estimates that apply to most Main Stages:
    • S-Rank: At least 1/2 of remaining moves/seconds left, rounded down
    • A-Rank: At least 1/4 of remaining moves/seconds left, rounded down
    • B-Rank: At least 1 move/second left
    • C-Rank: 0 moves/seconds left
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