Power-ups can be purchased using Coins before a battle begins to gain an advantage. Not all power-ups are available on all levels. Some, like the Time Limit +10, are available only on specific stages.

List of power-upsEdit

  • Moves5 Moves +5
    • Increases the moves left by 5 moves, but does not affect ability to catch Pokémon.
    • Costs 800 Coins
  • Exppoints15 Exp. Points x1.5
    • Increases the Exp. Points earned at the end of a stage by 50%.
    • Costs 300 Coins
  • Megastart Mega Start
    • The player's Pokémon Mega Evolves as a stage begins.
    • Costs 2000 Coins
  • Complexity1 Complexity -1
    • One less kind of Pokémon will appear in the Puzzle Arena.
    • Costs 9000 Coins
  • Disruptiondelay Disruption Delay
    • Delays your opponent's disruptions.
    • Costs 1500 Coins