A Non-Support is a type of Disruption that is any Pokémon that is not on the player's team of Support Pokémon. They serve to complicate the board by adding extra tile types, making it much harder to combo. They can occur through disruptions or through an Added Non-Support. This means that the player's team will have their 4 support Pokémon, plus 1 extra icon (a Pokémon, Rock or Block) from the stage, for a total of 5 support Pokémon. If the stage's Added Non-Support is already on the player's team, the stage will add its Default Pokémon to the team to fill up the fifth slot.

List of Main Stages with an added Non-Support:

Stage Target Pokémon Added Non-Support
Stage 90 Mega Mawile Eevee
Stage 120 Mega Glalie Glaceon
Stage 135 Mega Gengar Eevee
Stage 150 Mega Mewtwo Y Espeon

Stage 169:

Larvitar Rock

Stage 173

Mightyena Pidgey
Stage 180 Mega Aerodactyl Rock
Stage 185 Frogadier Froakie
Stage 190 Steelix Onix
Stage 195 Doublade Klefki
Stage 200 Tyranitar Rock
Stage 207 Aegislash Doublade
Stage 210 Mega Heracross Illumise
Stage 229 Sliggoo Pidgey
Stage 231 Grimer Croagunk
Stage 237 Pelipper Rock
Stage 242 Machop Meditite
Stage 243 Shinx Blitzle
Stage 250 Roserade Budew
Stage 254 Monferno Chimchar
Stage 258 Galvantula Joltik
Stage 260 Deoxys Deoxys
Stage 281 Raticate Rock
Stage 293 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
Stage 297 Porygon2 Porygon2
Stage 300 Mega Rayquaza Rayquaza
Stage 313 Growlithe Rock
Stage 330 Magnezone Block
Stage 350 Mega Mewtwo X Mewtwo
Stage 400 Mega Scizor Scizor
Stage 450 Hoopa (Unbound) Regigigas
Stage 530 Mega Salamence Salamence
Stage 550 Mega Aggron Aggron
Stage 580 Mega Gallade Gallade
Stage 600 Mega Sharpedo Sharpedo
Stage 620 Mega Abomasnow Abomasnow
Stage 640 Deoxys (Defense) Deoxys
Stage 650 Yveltal (Shiny) Yveltal (Shiny)
Stage 670  Xerneas (Shiny) Xerneas (Shiny)

List of Expert Stages with an added Non-Support:

Stage Target Pokémon Added Non-Support
Stage EX1 Absol Umbreon
Stage EX2 Rotom Jolteon
Stage EX3 Lucario Umbreon
Stage EX4 Articuno Glaceon
Stage EX5 Zapdos Jolteon
Stage EX6 Moltres Flareon
Stage EX7 Venusaur Leafeon
Stage EX8 Blastoise Vaporeon
Stage EX9 Charizard Flareon
Stage EX10 Dragonite Jolteon
Stage EX11 Sceptile Leafeon
Stage EX12 Blaziken Flareon
Stage EX13 Swampert Vaporeon
Stage EX14 Entei Flareon
Stage EX15 Suicune Vaporeon
Stage EX16 Raikou Jolteon
Stage EX17 Heatran Flareon
Stage EX18 Xerneas Umbreon
Stage EX19 Yveltal Umbreon
Stage EX20 Mewtwo Espeon
Stage EX21 Genesect Surskit and Genesect
Stage EX23 Delphox Fennekin
Stage EX24 Greninja Froakie
Stage EX25 Terrakion Keldeo (Ordinary)
Stage EX26 Virizion Keldeo (Ordinary)
Stage EX27 Cobalion Keldeo (Ordinary)
Stage EX28 Bisharp Block
Stage EX29 Gallade Gallade
Stage EX31 Luxray Luxray
Stage EX32 Malamar Malamar
Stage EX33 Mamoswine Swinub
Stage EX34 Gliscor Zubat
Stage EX36 Walrein Nosepass
Stage EX37 Honchkrow Ariados
Stage EX38 Arcanine Nosepass
Stage EX39 Yanmega Swablu
Stage EX40 Ludicolo Leafeon
Stage EX41 Hydreigon Umbreon
Stage EX42 Poliwrath Vulpix
Stage EX43 Electrode Swablu
Stage EX44 Ninjask Nincada
Stage EX48 Rapidash Rapidash
Stage EX49 Serperior Serperior
Stage EX51 Genesect (Shiny) Genesect
Stage EX52 Deoxys (Speed) Rock

List of Special Stages with an added Non-Support

Stage Target Pokémon Added Non-Support
Meowth's Coin Mania Meowth Coin
Daily Pokémon #2 Druddigon Rock
Daily Pokémon #3 Spiritomb Croagunk
Commemorative Event Mewtwo Buneary
High-Speed Challenge Kabutops Bronzor
High-Speed Challenge Noivern Rock
High-Speed Challenge Azelf Purrloin
Special Challenge Entei Rock
Pokémon Safari #5 Fletchinder Bulbasaur
Pokémon Safari #5 Camerupt Zubat
Pokémon Safari #5 Boldore Meowth
Pokémon Safari #5 Gigalith Meowth
Escalation Battles (Level 150) Keldeo (Resolute) Keldeo (Ordinary)
Escalation Battles (Level 200) Keldeo (Resolute) Keldeo (Ordinary)
Escalation Battles (Level 250) Keldeo (Resolute) Keldeo (Ordinary)
Escalation Battles (Level 300) Keldeo (Resolute) Keldeo (Ordinary)
Escalation Battles (Level 50) Giratina (Altered) Shaymin (Land)
Escalation Battles (Level 100) Giratina (Altered) Shaymin (Land)
Escalation Battles (Level 250) Giratina (Altered) Rock
Escalation Battles (Level 300) Giratina (Origin) Block
Escalation Battles (Level 50) Cresselia Solosis
Escalation Battles (Level 100) Cresselia Solosis
Escalation Battles (Level 150) Cresselia Solosis
Escalation Battles (Levels 161-179) Cresselia Solosis
Escalation Battles (Levels 180-199) Cresselia Solosis
Escalation Battles (Level 200) Cresselia Solosis
Escalation Battles (Level 75) Darkrai Purrloin
Escalation Battles (Level 100) Darkrai Block
Escalation Battles (Level 125) Darkrai Block
Escalation Battles (Level 150) Darkrai Block
Escalation Battles (Level 175) Darkrai Block
Escalation Battles (Level 200) Darkrai Block
Escalation Battles (Level 200) Diancie Bronzor
Escalation Battles (Level 250) Diancie Bronzor
Escalation Battles (Level 300) Diancie Bronzor
Escalation Battles (Level 150) Latias Goomy
Escalation Battles (Level 200) Latias Goomy
Escalation Battles (Level 50) Latios Rock
Escalation Battles (Levels 51-59) Latios Goomy
Escalation Battles (Levels 60-69) Latios Goomy
Escalation Battles (Levels 70-79) Latios Goomy
Escalation Battles (Levels 80-89) Latios Goomy
Escalation Battles (Levels 90-99) Latios Goomy
Escalation Battles (Level 100) Latios Block
Escalation Battles (Levels 101-140, 201+) Latios Block
Escalation Battles (Levels 141-149) Latios Block
Escalation Battles (Level 150) Latios Block
Escalation Battles (Levels 151-190) Latios Block
Escalation Battles (Levels 191-198) Latios Block
Escalation Battles (Levels 199-200) Latios Block
Escalation Battles (Level 150) Kyurem Machop
Escalation Battles (Level 200) Kyurem Machop
Escalation Battles (Level 250) Kyurem Machop
Escalation Battles (Level 300) Kyurem Machop
One Chance a Day! Thundurus (Incarnate) Tornadus (Incarnate)
One Chance a Day! Landorus (Incarnate) Thundurus (Incarnate)
Try 'Em Items Stage Carnivine Buneary
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Venusaur Bulbasaur
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Charizard X Togetic
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Charizard Y Fennekin
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Blastoise Squirtle
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Absol Riolu
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Lucario Lucario
Competitive Stage #2 Mega Lucario Lucario
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Blaziken Ninetales
Competitive Stage #2 Mega Blaziken Ninetales
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Swampert Luxio
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Steelix Ninetales
Competitive Stage #2 Mega Steelix Rock
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Banette Gulpin
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Sharpedo Carvanha
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Manectric Mareep
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Garchomp Gible
Competitive Stage #1 Mega Gardevoir Gardevoir
Competitive Stage #1 Abomasnow Doublade
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