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Mega Speedup

A picture of a Mega Speedup!

Mega Speedup is an Enhancement that can be used to speed up the Mega Evolution of a Mega Evolving Pokémon. More specifically, they decrease the number of icons required for certain Pokémon to Mega Evolve, allowing the Mega Gauge to fill up faster. Each Mega Evolving Pokémon can use a certain number of Mega Speedups, and each one will decrease their number of icons needed by one. Mega Speedups can be obtained from various events, notably Competitive Stages in which one must rank among the highest few thousand.

Mega Speedup was first introduced on the May 26, 2015 update of the 3DS game (v1.2 onwards), and was available from the start on Mobile. With the introduction of the Enhancements mechanic on 3DS v1.3 and Mobile v1.6, the Mega Speedup was reclassified as such.