Pokemon Shuffle Wiki

Items can be bought and used on stages to help players gain a large advantage, however at a large cost of Coins. Some stages have different available items than others. The Try 'Em Items stages are the only stages where items are free to use. Items can also be obtained from events (such as Escalation Battles and Competitive Stages), allowing the player to use them without spending Coins. However, the game will force the player to use up any of one item before they can spend Coins on that item again.

List of Items[]

Name Icon Description 3DS Cost Mobile Cost Availability
Exp. Points x1.5 Exp. Points x1.5 Increases the Exp. Points earned at the end of a stage by 50% 300 Coins 800 Coins Stages that award Experience
Moves +5 Moves +5 Increases the moves left by 5 moves, but does not affect ability to catch Pokémon 800 Coins 1000 Coins Most move-limited stages
Time +10 Time +10 Increases the time left by 10 seconds, but does not affect ability to catch Pokémon 800 Coins 1000 Coins Most time-limited stages
Disruption Delay Disruption Delay Delays your opponent's disruptions (for half of moves/seconds rounded up) 1500 Coins 2000 Coins Stages where the target Pokémon disrupts
Mega Start Mega Start Your Pokémon Mega Evolves as a stage begins 2000 Coins 2500 Coins Mega Evolution must be possible
Attack Power Attack Power Attack power gets doubled 3000 Coins 5000 Coins Some Special Stages
Complexity -1 Complexity -1 One less kind of Pokémon, rock, or block will appear 9000 Coins 9500 Coins Not available in 3-Pokémon Stages, and some other circumstances