Pokemon Shuffle Wiki

Damage is dealt to to target Pokémon during stages when any kind of match is made, either by the player or by the result of that (called a Combo). The Score during a stage is the accumulated damage.

Here is a useful formula for calculating damage:

  • ([Effectiveness] × [Status Effect] × [Skill×]) × ([Attack Power] + [Mega Power]) + [Skill+]

Each time a match is made, this formula will be used to calculate the damage dealt.

[Attack Power]: Attack Power of the matched Pokémon, multiplied by the following:

  • Match Multiplier: Matches containing more icons grant larger damage bonuses.
    • 3-icon match: x1
    • 4-icon match: x1.5
    • 5-icon match: x2
    • 6-icon match: x3
  • Combo Multiplier: Achieving higher combo counts grants larger damage bonuses.
    • 1 Combo: x1
    • 2-4 Combo: x1.1
    • 5-9 Combo: x1.15
    • 10-24 Combo: x1.2
    • 25-49 Combo: x1.3
    • 50-74 Combo: x1.4
    • 75-99 Combo: x1.5
    • 100-199 Combo: x2
    • 200+ Combo: x2.5
  • Attack Power ↑: The Item. This multiplier is x2 if it's in use, x1 if not.

[Effectiveness]: The Type effectiveness of the matched Pokémon against the target Pokémon.

  • Super effective: x2
  • Neutral: x1
  • Not very effective: x0.5

[Status Effect]: Certain status effects will increase damage, some from specific Pokémon types. No status effect bonus means x1.

  • Burn: x1.5 from fire types
  • Freeze: x1.2 from ice types
  • Sleep: x1.2
  • Spook: x1.5 from ghost types
  • Poison: x1.5 from poison types

[Skill]: Skills do different things.

  • [Skill×] refers to a Skill that multiplies the damage. Depending on the Skill, it is either active only on the first match in the combo (for example, Power of 4), or it is active for the entire combo (for example, Dancing Dragons).
  • [Skill+] refers to a Skill that adds damage (for example, Counterattack) (remember that this only applies to the first match in a Combo when these Skills can trigger).
  • Certain skills like Vitality Drain will overwrite the entire result (remember that this only applies to the first match in a Combo when these Skills can trigger).

[Mega Power]: There are three ways in which this is calculated, depending on the type of Mega Power. #Icons is the number of icons erased by the Mega Power.

  • If the Mega Power erases one type of Disruption (for example, Mega Steelix), the formula is 100 × #Icons
  • If the Mega Power erases multiple types of Disruptions (for example, Mega Aerodactyl), the formula is 50 × #Icons
  • Any other Mega Power uses this formula: 0.2 × Attack Power × #Icons

The final damage rounds down.