Catching a Pokémon! The orange bar shows the base catch rate, and the yellow bar shows the bonus catch rate.

Catchability is the probability of catching a Pokémon after a stage is cleared. Each stage has a base catchability along with bonus probability based on number of moves or seconds left.

If the player has not caught the target Pokémon yet, the game will enter a "Catch That Pokémon!" scene, and the player is forced to attempt to catch the Pokémon.

  • If the attempt fails, the player is given the choice to spend 2500 Coins (3500 on Mobile) for a second attempt, using a Great Ball this time, which doubles the catchability (up to a max of 100%).
  • Additionally, there is a chance for a Super Catch Power, which will further increase the catchability by a random amount (up to a max of 100%), but the player will still have to spend Coins on the Great Ball to attempt it.
  • The player can continue to attempt catching the Pokémon as long as they have enough Coins to spend on the Great Balls, but each failed attempt also gives the Pokémon a chance to escape
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