A picture of a Block!

A Block is a type of disruption that is similar to a Rock in that it cannot be moved and doesn't make matches, but it can't be erased by adjacent matches. However, after appearing, it will disappear after 5 moves have been made by the player.

  • Erases itself 5 moves after appearing.
    • Blocks erased in this manner will erase adjacent Rocks.
    • Blocks that self-erase in this manner are not considered to be erased by the player, and will not be counted toward associated Mission Card objectives.
  • It can be erased through the skills Block Smash(+, ++), Block Shot, and Stabilize(+, ++).
  • It can be transformed into another Pokémon icon through the skill Swap(+, ++).
  • It can be transformed into a Coin through the skill Alchemist, although this skill is currently unavailable in the game through legitimate means.
  • Pokémon icons that are not one of the player's Support Pokémon can be transformed into a Block through the skill Blockify.